LAUNCH: upgrade waypoint menu

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    I am happy to help with the testing. I use an Imac with Big Sur operating system, also Iphone 7.

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    Attention Community,

    We have resumed the upgrade and it's going live as we speak. Thank you everyone for your time and patience. For purposes of transperancy I'm keeping this thread and the comments open. I'm also posting the log of updates when we were restoring functionality here.

    Kind regards,


    Update Tuesday 13:35 PM:
    Deployment of the improved version has started. I've changed the post description back to it's original and posted this log of changes as a reply in this thread.

    Update Tuesday 12:11 PM:
    We have resolved the problems and are preparing to deploy the update somewhere between 1 and 2 PM today. Thank you everyone for your attention and time.**

    Update Tuesday 10:20 AM:
    We believe to have found a solution and have implemented it in our testing environment. If you experienced this problem and would like to help us and see if it is now resolved, please leave a reply on this thread. I'll mail you an access key to the testing environment.

    Update Monday 9 PM:
    Originally this thread was dedicated to celebrating the release of the new Waypoint menu and the fact that we finally managed to meet a deadline. Sadly, it appears that the waypoint menu was causing some unacceptable issues for some members. After developer Corjan spent all day working on fixing these bugs; we finally decided that at 9PM tonight (without any dinner) that pulling the update back until tomorrow morning would be for the best. We're all going to get some shut-eye here and see if we can resolve this in the morning and then quickly wipe any mention of it under the rug.

    Our working technical theory is that it isn't the waypoint menu update itself that is causing these issues. Neither is it the add-photos feature or any of the bugfixings we tied onto the update. It's everything together, that is apparently highlighting a more underlying technical flaw that's to do with resource management of your device/system. Put bluntly: older, slower, systems suffer while newer, faster, systems do not. This is also the prime reason why this didn't happen on any system of MRA staff. The problem also didn't show up during the testing phase of this fix, which is strange as well.

    The milestone project for tomorrow will be to fix and resolve this underlying problem and trying to get a testing system that qualifies as "old and slow" to verify our fix. As the day progresses, I'll keep you personally updated through this thread.

    Thanks for your time and understanding. If you see Murphy, please do give him a kick on my behalf.

    Yours sincerely,

    Timo Martosatiman
    Chief Operating Officer

  • @David-Bonner said in LAUNCH: upgrade waypoint menu:

    I am happy to help with the testing. I use an Imac with Big Sur operating system, also Iphone 7.

    All seems fine now, on Mac & Iphone. Thanks for resolving this so quickly!

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