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  • RE: Lifetime Membership

    Locking this thread for the following reasons:

    • spreading false information (navigation was available with the 50% discount during the black friday deal, however it no longer is.)
    • not abiding by community standards

    In the future if you have a question or a complaint, please verify your source and provide us with constructive and useful information. Especially if you could be wrong.

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  • RE: New user from Baarle-Nassau (NL)

    Welkom Willem!

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  • RE: Revert to old icons for way points and waypoint management

    Hello everyone,

    Just jumping in here to share some of the design concerns relating to the wording of "Via" and "Stop".

    First of all, for all international (non-Dutch) purposes we are considering using "Shaping" and "Via" as the only words available to pick from. Additionally, we're not aiming to make this a Garmin-specific feature, but for the initial release this was the easiest to implement. We want to show TomTom and Smartphone users a distinct difference between Shaping- and Via-points as well.

    As for the naming convention and the specific choice to no longer go with "Stop". There's a lot of synonyms for this functionality available, for example some talk about "Stopping points", places that you absolutely have to stop at. Others talk about "Hard points", allegorically expressing how there's points that you won't notice if you skip them as "soft" and points that have to be visited as "Hard". Please understand that we've thought hard about what word would be best fitting and that we remain open to the idea that there are better definitions for these points.

    Linguistically though, the word "Shaping point" and "via point" are of all available words the most accurate. A "shaping point" does exactly that, it generally shapes a route that will be followed by navigation system in a flexible manner. Via points also describe what they are, they are points "via which" you must travel. Explained, this does make sense. But again, we remain open for discussion on this subject.

    Kind regards,


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  • RE: Hidden mileage

    @Lee-Gage can you send us a screenshot of what it looks like for you?

    Kind regards,


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  • RE: Surprise launch: MRA Routeplanner 1.1. is now available for everyone

    On behalf of the team, thank you for your kind words everyone. Next week we hope to polish out the few blemishes that have so far been found in the features.

    @Gary-France I do hope the release lives up to your expectations and allows you to use the MRA Routeplanner! As time goes on, we'll incrementally add new features to this existing feature base depending on how big of an impact they have on development capacity for the rest of the roadmap. An example though of a neat little nice-to-have that was slapped in is the waypoint calculator (I didn't see anyone mention it AND it's pretty niche, but still).

    The calculator is found under "Toolkit"

    This shows you a pop-up screen that allows you to do simple calculations without breaking out Windows' own calculator.

    It works by selecting two waypoints. The calculator then shows you the real (not including breaks) distance in both time and kilometers between two points.

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  • RE: Surprise launch: MRA Routeplanner 1.1. is now available for everyone

    @StefanHummelink You're right. I'll see what I can do!

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  • RE: Surprise launch: MRA Routeplanner 1.1. is now available for everyone

    @Drabslab That's the spirit! Luckily our hobby is one least affected (but still, very impactful) so far by COVID.

    @StefanHummelink Great idea. We'll probably schedule it in among the webinars starting in march-april next year, or possibly already in one of the upcoming MRA Community Broadcasts on facebook.

    On last week's broadcast I briefly discussed some features with Serge on the Broadcast. I've added the time-stamped video here:

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  • Surprise launch: MRA Routeplanner 1.1. is now available for everyone

    Attention Community,

    With great pride and on behalf of the entire MRA team we're hereby launching the first milestone on the MRA Routeplanner Roadmap. We've come a long way since the initial release of the MRA Routeplanner in 2013 and this release is imporant for several reasons. Not only does this update add loads of long requested features to MyRoute-app, it also signals the first step towards 2.0. and an important paradigm shift relating to how we work with the community.

    Now on to the juicy part. This update includes the release of the following 3 features:

    Shaping and via waypointsšŸ“
    Shaping and Via points are a familiar feature for BaseCamp users. These points allow users to define whether a route should always follow a waypoint or whether that waypoint may be ignored whilst travelling. This allows users to better shape their routes and provides flexibility on the road on Garmin navigation systems.

    Improved "inbetween" waypoints šŸ‘¶
    In MRA Routeplanner, you can enter waypoints inbetween existing waypoints. However, many members of the community have pointed out that this functionality needs better visibility whilst creating a route. At this time, it happens too often that users at the end of their route and not inbetween waypoints. With the improved "inbetween" waypoint adding functionality users will be presented with a user-friendly an intuitive tool that creates clear opportunities to add waypoints inbetween other waypoints.

    Timed waypoints ā°
    With timed waypoints you will be able to add lunch breaks, stops and other timed events to your route. Timed waypoints allow you to adjust the arrival and departure times on individual waypoints as well as observe the duration of groups of waypoints together. This allows greater control over the effective duration of a route, as well as time-management for professional tour organizers and driving instructors.

    More on the RoadMap:
    Check the RoadMap here
    Check the 1.1. update here
    Check the upcoming 1.2. update here


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  • Changelog 16th of november 2020

    This changelog includes resolved issues in the different parts of MyRoute-app. This development cycle less bugs were resolved. This is because most critical bugs have been fixed and attention has switched to completing the final stages of the RoadMap 1.1. update. The 1.1. update is now running in an internal beta.

    General bugfixes
    ā€¢ no general bugfixes. A planned patch including timezone-adjusted date/time information in the routelibrary was postponed to the next development cycle. A solution was found, but created several risks in the software. It also ran very slow. As a result, the team is now researching a novel and more general patch solution.

    MRA Routeplanner bugfixes
    ā€¢ Track uploading has been fixed. Tracks can now be properly uploaded again.
    ā€¢ A temporary issue with the roundtour generator was resolved.
    ā€¢ Several exporting problems have been resolved for Garmin, BMW, and TomTom.

    MRA Navigation bugfixes
    ā€¢ Core rewriting is in it's final stages. While general performance has been greatly improved because of this, several secondary functions now no longer work. The Mobile development team aims to get a new stable version out within the next two weeks.

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