Heroic Support Pin When one becomes a Hero of the self service section he or she becomes a beacon of shared wisdom and a figure of authority among peers.
Support Pin awarded to members who actively contribute to the self service section, selflessly seeking to help members of the community encountering problems or important questions.
Exposure Guru Award Awarded to those who create great exposure for MyRoute-app and the community in a manner exceeding normal exposure creating behavior.
1 x MRAtimo
Wheel of Riding The Wheel of Riding is awarded to members who help, guide and respond to activity in the "Rides" forum. Both by posting their own ride as well as discussing the rides of others.
Exemplary Community Building Star This award is granted to Community Builders who go above and beyond the call to create great events or are otherwise at the forefront of continued community engagement on the forum.
Community Building Star Community builders organize events and create engagement on the forum.
Grand Family Medal The Grand Family Medal is awarded to all forum participating members of a family, either being direct bloodline (parents or siblings) or a state recognized partner.
Family Medal Awarded for having an active family member on the Forum.
Excellent Contributor Award Awarded for not only positively contributing and participating, but for doing so in an outstanding and exemplary manner.
Contributor Award The Contributor Award is granted to those who contribute positively and participate in the MRA Community Forum.